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Placement Series 2021

Placement season for the batch of 2022 will be starting in few days across most of the NITs and other engineering colleges. While most of the students would be preparing hard for their placements, one might also get intimidated by the huge syllabus which the academics offer. The post (and subsequently some other posts also) intends to provide some important topics about all the important subjects regarding Placements. #ComputerNetworks is quite an important subject with respect to placements.
Here are some of the important topics to look at:

1) OSI Model and TCP/IP Model (Thorough idea of each layer and also a protocol which is used in each layer)
2) IP Address (IP4, IP6)
3) MAC Address
4) Packet Switching and Circuit Switching
5) Ethernet (Ethernet Header)
6) CSMA/CD, Exponential backoff
7)DNS, DNS Header (What happens when you enter the URL and hit enter)
8) Framing
9) Routers and Routing Algorithms (Count to Infinity Problem)
10) Knowledge about Ports, Swithes, Bridge, Repeater, Hub (In which layer do they operate in)
11) Error Correction (Parity Bit, 2D Parity, CRC Check)
12) Check Sum Computation (Hamming Code)
13) TCP vs UDP
14) TCP Header, 2 way Handshake and 3 way Handshake
15) Protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, ARP, TCP, UDP, FTP, SMTP)
16) Sliding Window Protocol
18) Does DNS use TCP or UDP ?
19) Network Topologies
20) CIDER, Classful and Classless Addressing

I personally found these topics to be the most frequently asked ones. Any suggestions are most welcome. Best of luck for Placements !!

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