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Web Devleoper – Questions & Answers

shubham rathod
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Header What is a web developer?

Who is actually a web developer? When interpreting the term literally in relation to IT, we could conclude it’s a programmer for websites. It is definitely an IT specialist, which means a programmer, but there is no way to define it precisely, it’s a very general term, and it can only be given a detailed meaning when we specify the scope of tasks or technologies. They are responsible for web applications — mainly for creating them.

Header What are the responsibilities of a web developer?

The core of a web developer’s responsibilities is creating the source code of a web app. A web dev often watches over the entirety of a project, taking the role of a technical consultant, analyst and solution architect.

It is very important for a web dev to be immune to stress and be able to work under time pressure. In this position, the ability to look at the problems at hand in a creative and analytical way is a must. Interpersonal skills are also important. Especially if you want to be part of a team.

Header What’s the difference between a web developer and WordPress developer?

That depends on how you look at it. In case of a limited budget on the part of the person ordering a website, which happens pretty often on the Polish job market, the role of a person who makes WordPress based websites is in most cases limited to installing WordPress, implementing a ready-made theme and installing a few basic plugins that allow for better content management.

For more experienced programmers, on the other hand, WordPress is merely a “framework” that can be used to create all kinds of wonders, which sometimes requires very good knowledge of PHP and JS (on top of HTML and CSS, obviously).

Header What are the biggest drawbacks/downsides and upsides of such work?

Working in such a position is very demanding, which is why it may quickly lead to professional burnout. The biggest downside is struggling to meet the deadlines. The frustration, which is often related to insufficiently stated requirements, leads to permanent stress. The constant changes in the IT industry as well as new solutions require constant learning.

The greatest advantage is the salary and the ability to influence millions of users with the software created.

Header What soft and hard skills are needed to become a web developer?

The hard skills are a must if you want to work in this position. These include, among others, knowledge of different programming languages, frameworks, tools required to create, expand and test software, as well as knowledge of the English language – at least to a degree that allows to freely read and understand technical documentation.

Employers are also putting a growing emphasis on soft skills – as those impact whether a particular individual has the ability to work in a group, or predispositions to be a link in the company.

Header What’s the difference between Front-end and Back-end professionals?

Front-end developer is responsible for designing the interfaces of a website, working with the part of the application that interacts with the user. This professional deals with the languages ??on the “front” as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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