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Discussion on: What Bootcamp did you attend and would you recommend it?

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shushugah • Edited

I did Flatiron School, Web Development Immersive, a 5-month program in 2014, that was funded by the NYC Workforce development program, so I did not pay anything. The Manhattan cohort had an abridged 3-month program that cost $12,000.

I think here are some things to look for in a boot camp.

  1. Are students required to prepare before starting? A good boot camp will reject students until they've demonstrated interest/work, for example completing Codecademy tutorials.

  2. What kind of career finding assistance do they provide? Flatiron School has both a network of employers who have reasonable expectations of Juniors and also provides resume assistance.

  3. Do they value soft skills, like blogging, presenting, and other things that are helpful in getting your first job?

  4. What is their business model? Some boot camps are extremely low cost, and arguably therefore low risk, while others still cost a considerable amount. I have fewer qualms about dishing over $50 for an online course, but once we're talking about several hundred to thousands of dollars, it's important to know their funding model.

I have heard good things about Flatiron (presently), but will always defer to the experience of new graduates. They are now owned by WeWork now, and also have an online-based curriculum, which to their credit, is the same curriculum used by students meeting physically.