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Discussion on: 10 reasons to switch from Java to Kotlin right now!

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شاهد • Edited on

Actually all these stuff adopted from father of Kotlin which is Scala. But this article still gives a very good gathering of Scala excellence over Java, and hence so valuable to me to the point that gave me a brilliant moment of enlightenment.

Anyway I encourage the author to write another article named such as "10 reasons to switch from Kotlin to Scala right now!" and select 10 (from at least 100 one of) features of Scala not available in Kotlin from it's advanced type system targeting soundness; and new metaprogramming capabilities come from any source code's Tasty IR; and functional effectless programming combined with actors for uncomplicated asynchronous microservice implementation; also mentioning ScalaJS to replace Kotlin and JavaScript for web and ScalaJVM plus Jetpack Compose to replace Kotlin for Android.