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Discussion on: Pair Programming Patterns

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Pavlin Angelov

Pair-programmng lower defects (more eyes on the task) also improve knowledge distribution in the team and remove or at least lower the need for code review. (Someone else already saw the code). With rotation of pairs everyone knows the code.
That is the theory if you do it right and spend some time and effort into it, to make it work for you and your team.

From my experience good pair programming session actually finish complex code/problem tasks faster. Cause you find solutions to problems faster. Also you don't miss less obvious stuff so often.

It is important to factor the time spend understanding other people's code which you had not taken part writing.

At least for myself I found out that is easier to understand code that I had participated in even if only watching other person writing it.

But it depends on the tasks at hand. If there are busy things that just took time like configuring some service, better work separately.

But writing and even debugging complex code/problem most of the time is fast enough and some times even faster then working separately.

In Pair developers are more engaged into the problem, more focused which is more tiring.

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bob.js Author

Excellent! Well said ...

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Guney Ozsan

Thank you. This provided a good insight.