How to Become a Senior Developer

Simon Holdorf on February 23, 2020

Being a programmer is a great thing. For me, there's nothing better than working in software engineering. It's highly satisfying to write code that... [Read Full]
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Great article Simon πŸ‘Œ

One thing that I would like to add:

Being a senior does NOT necessarily mean you have extra super tech skills, it is more of the soft skills, things like empathy and communication... and yes, most seniors understand the business drivers.


Soft skills are the most missing point on any "How to become a Senior Dev" post I've ever read! Gaining programming skills is very easy, you only have to practice over and over again, but soft skills are a other story.


Thanks, Yaser!

I fully agree with that and thought I had that covered in the article. Well, obviously it wasn't as clear as intended but I have a whole paragraph dealing with the importance of social skills for senior developers.



Yep Simon, I've read it and you articulated that well... It was just worth more highlighting.


One thing that I would like to ask.
What can you do when you have always worked alone, or should I say as the only developer in a team of 3, at most? What happen when you have to sometimes manage many roles at the same time (developer and product owner at the same time) or develop a web application alone (complete with design and testing, with the choice of the language) just after two years? because there is no one else that can do it?
In my case, mentorship doesn't exist, well apart from what I can read on dev.to, and I often must do my best to assume the role of a senior, even if I don't really feel that I should, because I have been placed on the project as an "expert".
I have no idea where I stand really. Dev.to is actually really important for me as my only reference of what a good developer should do


Well you have the luck to gain all the experience. Right out at the beginning you will fail a lot, but the good thing is that only you knows this and it's up to you to handle it. There is no better way to become as fast as possible a Senior than just thrown in cold water even though you don't have the experience. You will be able to handle it when you do self retrospectives whats not working and where you can get better.


Inspiring and well-written. Thanks for brightening up my Monday, Simon!


Thank you for your kind words πŸ˜€


I was hoping for a magic potion


Thanks Simon. I learnt quite a lot. A nice article indeed

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