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Telescope stream


This was a chill week for me. Last week was me sheriffing and even though I didn't feel like I was doing much, I got pretty tired. I was planning to get into Docker this week, and I did somewhat. I learned its basics and lurked around Telescope's docker files. I generally understood what's up. I also wanted to contribute to a docker related issue, but that didn't happen this week.

I generally stayed in the loop of the issues and PRs this week, so it wasn't that I completely didn't do anything. Just wasn't much to show for.

Slack bot?

I did some research on this old and cool issue. I left a comment on it. Basically what's missing is to figure out how to catch the errors that happen during github builds, so that I later can send that information to the Slack bot. I'm not sure myself where to find that information, I might need to ask people for it.


So remember me working on projects? Well, I'm happy to announce it's close to being done. Or, at least, all the work that's left to do is defined, I clearly know what's left to be done. And it's just monotonous documentation, it's not too bad, once it's done it will look nice.

There's a problem I found out about recently. So there's this button I didn't see before, or just haven't clicked...

Project details button

So you know what it does? Well here's what it does.

Project details with a separate readme and a description

Yes. The thing I made a whole structure for...

My custom column for info and research and the Info block I added

You know.. with parent issues... and... stuff......sigh....

So yes. This makes things better visually, but I have to restructure some stuff I already did. In any case, now I know and now the path to complete it is clear and defined.


Yes! I finally streamed about Telescope. I went through what Telescope is, through current projects and I did my first 2 code reviews! One on unit tests for search, the other on some Docasaurus formatting improvements. It's now definitely less scary to do them. I now know how to do those and have my experience.

There's also this drawing I did in the first hour or so of the stream, just if you're curious.

I initially thought I'd draw a telescope, cause, well, that's the main part of the stream... but I figured out telescopes, even big ones, are boring. So I just switched to a cosmic theme, and, of course drew a dragon cause that's what I do.

Next week stream

So for the next stream I want to introduce a category which would overview the weekly changes, so that people have an easy way to stay updated without having to read.

I also want to take on an issue, hopefully a docker one. And perhaps get some help on it from another developer that knows more about the topic. They will have a bit where they would explain in general about the topic, so that people who aren't aware of it can get introduced to the area. Later they might just be my helping hand as I try to figure out the issue.

I'm not sure if I want to do the last part exactly, might be annoying for both parties to do :D . In any case, the guest person should have a good mic and be able to talk well, just for the sake of the stream quality.

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