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A great way to handle the messiness of evenly spacing divs that you want aligned in a row like this is to use CSS Flexbox. It is amazing. I was introduced to it from here: css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guid...


I recently started learning some CSS and came across Grid as well. It's kinda like flexbox but with 2 dimensions. So you can specify locations in your layout by just assigning a row / column to it.


Yeah grid is great too! When I start having too many flexbox container divs I typically switch over to using grid. The only problem is if you are worried about browser support, IE doesn't support it. 😔

I actually listened to a talk recently and found out Grid was made for IE (Edge), however other browsers took it and improved on it. So IE is lagging behind. It does support it, however not all functions. There's a check you can do to see what commands are supported. Check out this talkfrom 2017.

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