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Discussion on: Why not Java

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Sergiy Yevtushenko • Edited

I'm pretty sure that most of your bad feelings and experience with Java are coming from Spring framework. At the moment of its invention it was a great step forward, but over the years it get bloated, slow, poorly designed and even worse implemented memory hog. It overuses annotations and run-time reflection, enforces bad practices (business level exceptions probably one of the most prominent examples).
As a seasoned Java developer I saw a lot of different projects with wide variety of technologies. And Spring-based ones is a separate category of worst ones in regard to development experience. For last few years I'm not considering jobs which have Spring in job description and clearing this question with HR during screening.
So, my sincere condolences that you started your Java experience with such a project. After all, despite all critics, Java is great language with its own philosophy and for last few years it quickly evolves (and in right direction, as for me).