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What makes Apple a great company?

Almost everyone has iPhone, iWatch, iPad, iMac or a MacBook, these are widely used. So many people round the world use Apple Devices. why is that? why people prefer to buy an Apple device instead of another one?

For me, it all started when I got my first iPhone, three years ago. I started to experiment with a new paradigm, and felt how easy is to use iOS. One year later sadly, I lost it… and I knew one thing: I don’t wanted to use other smartphone but Apple ones. My friends that also became Apple users don’t want to leave it, instead they want to buy the rest of devices they offer to have it all synchronized.

This year I bought a MacBook Pro. Once more, I experimented the same: easy to use, faster, secure and stable.

Apple have been growing fast in the last years. It seems like every year they launch the same devices, but they don’t. They improve little details that at first sight seems stupid or insignificant, but once you start using it you don’t want to leave it — just like my friends — because you realize that is all you need, no more, no less.

As an Apple user, there are some feature that I like the most:

  1. AirDrop
    This keeps all your Apple devices synchronized. It’s super easy to share content across all of your devices. Images, notes, text files… all you want. And the best of this: the transfer velocity. Some time ago it took me 5 or 7 seconds to transfer 43 pictures. Awesome!

  2. Gestures

    • In your Mac it’s easier than ever change between desktops.
    • Show the desktop.
    • See what applications you have open.
    • How much instances of the same program you have open.
    • Get back to a previous page on the browser.
    • And in your iPhone, you get back to a previous screen by dragging your finger from the left side of the screen to the center.
  3. Touch Bar
    You can work more productively and make things faster. You can save some extra time pressing one button than using the traditional function keys. Also, it has actions in every application you use such as: iTunes, Spotify, Mail, Photos, etc.

  4. Displays
    For me, Apple’s displays show you clean colors, real nice definition, and the most important thing, your eyes are secure. Because the brightness and contrast are well controlled.

  5. Keyboard
    It’s quieter. It’s straight forward. It’s more comfortable.

  6. Stacks
    Helps you get all you desktop files organized by category. It’s easier to find a file you need with urgency.

  7. Screenshots
    In iPhone when you take one screenshot, it gives you the chance to decide what to do with it. You can share it, then remove it to save space. Draw something on it then save it. It gives you the tools for your daily life.

  8. Previews
    If you don’t know what a file contains you can have a preview of it, before you open it to know if that is the image, video or text document you are looking for.

  9. Finder Navigation
    My favorite is the columns view. It allows you to dive into several subfolders without get lost, while you have a general view of all the root folders.

  10. Dark Theme
    Since I started to code, IDE’s dark theme have always been a good experience. It’s discreet, keeps you focus on the code, enhance text color and your eyes don’t get tired fast. It’s fabulous that you can take that coding experience to every part of the OS.

There are hundreds of beautiful features and details of the Apple’s devices to talk about. But I wanted to stop in these.

You can feel how they give you exactly the tools you need in your daily life to be more productive, and they keep it as simple as possible.

alt text

At the end of the last special event of Apple, when they presented the brand new services such as News+, Arcade, tv+ and the brilliant Apple Credit Card, Tim said:

“Because at Apple, the customer is and always will be at the center of everything that we do”

For me, that is one of the reasons — if not the only one — why Apple reached the number one position of success companies.


Apple think in terms of the user. What is the better way for the user to achieve something they need? This way Apple can build high quality and durable software and hardware — simple, easy to use, friendly, everything well positioned — to cover their users needs. That’s what makes Apple a great company and also, that’s how they win users’ loyalty.

This is my opinion about Apple, of course it’s no absolute. Apple also has fails. Someday, I hope they will fix Apple Music.

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