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re: Do you have any example like screenshots? I really need these kinds of environments.

I don't know if screenshots would help much. I use Linux as my primary workstation so I just did some googling to figure out how to install KVM(Virtualization software) then downloaded Ubuntu and installed it. I do my work inside the graphical environment with whatever tools I need at the given moment. doing it this way I start with a clean slate every time.

one thing that does make it faster for me is that I created a virtual machine with all my most common tools...editors, browsers, compilers..etc and then I just clone it when I am setting up a new project.

Let me know if you get stuck on anything and I can try to help you through it.

Thanks :) I decided to use GNOME Boxes.

I installed it :)

I didn't want to deploy my projects to my machine.

Did you use it? If so, how can access a virtual machine IP from my machine.

Thanks :)

I have not but it looks to just be a front end for kvm. If you type ifconfig in your virtual machine you should be able to use the address to access it from your host machine.

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