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Funny devs onboarding - by DEV platform

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Hello coders,

Don't know if this was mentioned before in the community but DEV has a funny method to onboard hacky devs: through javascript console.

Funny onboarding - by DEV

Cool & Funny!
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More sites than you would think have stuff like this, though sometimes it's hard to come by.

My personal favorite is Google's text adventure easter-egg. Search 'text adventure' in Google and then open the JS console, after the usual warning that Google displays on all their sites when you open the JS console, you'll get a prompt asking 'Would you like to play a game?'. If you say yes, it'll start a text adventure game in the JS console (and if you say no, it will make a reference to a rather famous Cold War era movie).

DEV's though is a very close second to that, largely because it's so direct about trying to get people involved.


Found this while I was working on my scraper...