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React Templates - Curated list with FREE projects

Hello Coders,

This article presents a curated list with modern React Templates available for download (from Github) without a registration wall on the vendor's platform. Templates are selected based on the quality of the UI (above market average), licensing terms, and the active support provided by the vendors. For newcomers, React is an open-source library for coding UI interfaces actively versioned and supported by Facebook.

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Material Kit React Native

Material Kit React Native is a fully coded app template built over, React Native and Expo to allow you to create powerful and beautiful mobile applications. We have redesigned all the usual components in Galio to make it look like Google's material design, minimalistic and easy to use.

Components - Material Kit React Native features over 200 variations of components like buttons, inputs, cards, navigations etc, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in colour, that you can easily modify inside our theme file.

Example Screens - If you want to get inspiration or just show something directly to your clients, you can jump start your development with our pre-built example screens. From onboarding screens to profile or discover screens, you will be able to quickly set up the basic structure for your React Native mobile project.

React Template - Material Kit (React Native).

Windmill React Template

Windmill Dashboard comes with a blazing fast UI styled with Tailwind, PWA support, and integrations for Charts.js and Heroicons.

Accessibility-first - the product was developed listening to real screen readers, focus traps and keyboard navigation are available everywhere.

UI Kit - Windmill Dashboard React is built on top of Windmill React UI - open-source component library based on Tailwind CSS.

  • 🦮 Throughly accessible (developed using screen readers)
  • 🌗 Dark theme enabled (load even different images based on theme)
  • 🧩 Multiple (custom) components
  • ⚡ Code splitting
  • UI: Tailwind CSS, Windmill React UI (components library)
  • Routes coded on top of React Router
  • Plugins: Heroicons, Chart.js
  • PWA-ready: delivering offline-first and app-like experience

React Template - Windmill Dashboard (free).

React Template Volt

Volt React is a free and open source admin dashboard template powered by React.js and Bootstrap 5 featuring over 100 UI elements, customized plugins, and example pages to kickstart your single page web application.

All web components are declared as React components, meaning that most of the options to change the color, sizing, or attributes of the elements can be done so using props. Moreover, the elements are based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5, the most popular CSS framework in the world.


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ixartz profile image
Remi W.

Thank you for sharing.
I've just release in March 2021 a new open source and free template written in React on GitHub:

And you find a live demo at

Let me know what to you think. Hoping this time I can integrate into your list.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

The template looks good.
Nice work!

uithemes profile image

Really nice projects.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author


crearesite profile image

Thanks for sharing.
Maybe It's worth mentioning CoreIU - Free version.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Thanks, CoreUI looks super nice.

zolidev profile image
Zoltán Szőgyényi

Thanks for this list! 🙏🏻

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Hello Wiliam,
Ty for your kind words.
Regarding your article, I see is 100% commercial.
P.S. The Unfinity theme has some wrong links.
With much respect!
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