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re: While I like classes less and less, I think their addition to JS was a good thing. Before them, I worked with projects that had >3 different cl...

Using raw function constructors and prototypes was for sure complex and verbose. That advantage of the class syntax is not questionable. Unification is also a good thing. But, what do you think about next additions to this syntax, like class fields, private fields - in my opinion, it is a try to make classes more complex and less straightforward. If I create a private method, can I send it outside of the class definition? Another example - using class fields for defining methods can make it not efficient.

If someone gets rid of classes in one library, others could maybe use some of the approaches to get rid of them in their implementations too.

Can you explain what you mean here? Not using classes don't have to mean to create not understandable API, which has to be changed.


I meant that if one library creator uses classes, and finds another elegant implementation that could be used instead, this approach could be adopted by other library creators more easily if they both used the same ES2015 class implementation.

But yeah, I think the ECMAScript people will just add to the class so Java/C# people will be satisfied...

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