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Brand new toolkit to analyze and validate your webpack bundle

Hi! 🖐
In this post I would like to share Statoscope with you.

Statoscope is a modern tooklit for analyzing and validating your bundle.
You can try Statoscope by simply dropping the stats of your build into or using a webpack plugin that will generate a UI-based report about your build.
This report will show you full information about your build, NPM packages duplicates, and even the download speed of your bundle to a client browser. With this UI report, you can make your own requests to stats and generate your own reports about your bundle. This is very similar to python notebook, but for webpack stats and is possible thanks to a special query language.

Also, Statoscope is able to validate your build on CI, there is a special CLI tool for this. You can make sure that, for example, the time of building your bundle or loading the bundle to a client browser does not exceed the limit you have defined.

This is very useful on CI
Also, you can generate a UI-report with validation result.

You could learn more on Github or ask your question here or with Github issue.
Also, there are many plans to improve Statoscope features.

Your feedback is so precious 😊

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