7 Habits of Successful Software Engineers

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So I just checked out this video posted by freeCodeCamp on youtube. Found some cool points that I noted down. Thought someone in the DEV Community would find it helpful.

  1. Understand the scope and the problem first before coding
  2. Document as much as you can
  3. Write readable and maintainable code
  4. Be good at cross-functional work
  5. Be an effective communicator
  6. Recognise opportunities for improvements and impacts
  7. Have a growth mindset
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Understand the scope and the problem first before coding

I think this is a bit easier said than done. I think people fall too far on either side of this spectrum. There's a sensible middle ground here.


I totally agree. This may not be possible for all the cases and finding the middle ground to start the dev is the approach to go with.

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