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7 Reasons to Develop an App for your Business

Did you order your favorite pizza with mushroom topping from Domino’s App? Ohh yeah! Did you choose Domino’s App over the Zomato food delivering App? So Yes!!! Here the question is why did you do that when both the services will offer the same pizza?

Not only does Domino’s guarantee deliver your pizza in 30 minutes but there also lies human psychology behind it. A human mind is likely to prefer direct deals rather than involving a 3rd party when he has the option to do so.

Moreover, if 3rd parties are involved then it results in your income being distributed among the brokerages. An app of your own will enable you to receive direct remuneration instead of relying on 3rd party apps.

To top it all, in this age of digital transition- a mobile phone has the solution to all your wants! Do you want to book a cab? Uber App is there for you! Wanna get your leaking tap fixed? Call out a person from a Repair Service App.

Having an app of your business in this mobile-operated world will give your business greater coverage resulting in greater business.

Do We know that your business does already have a website? Right? and if you don’t then we can help you get started!

But possessing a website for your business is not enough, you know why because 75% of users prefer mobile apps over websites. If you are into selling products online then a mobile application is far more preferable to your user than just a website.

A mobile application is more significant in user interaction capability and terms of functionality also compared to web pages.

Your app will ensure that your business reaches the heights that your business deserves because — ‘Your company should be the one to strategize mobile marketing better than others.’

In this article, we will list out reasons that will keep your business ahead of the competition if your business owns an app.


Is your mobile usage higher, you scroll, you browse, you tap, you play, etc, right? According to stats, on average Millennials spend 5.7 hours a day on a mobile device.

Having a mobile app for your business means that every time a customer rummages through his phone, then he is bound to see your well-designed app’s logo which will in-turn increase your brand visibility. This can work to the advantage of your business as our mind records every image or text though unconsciously and if you really have a good app logo then it’s a double advantage.

Here the app will ensure that your brand is visible and if anytime in the future the customer needs your service then he knows who to turn to. Your app obviously.

Direct marketing channel- Your App

Your business app can serve as a direct marketing channel to your customers. And the good thing is it can connect you directly with your customers without any 3rd party help as we mentioned earlier.

You can develop your app in a way that directly adheres to your customer needs like providing general info to your user.

Are you a person who avoids calling the authority for small details and instead looks for their website? Yes, then your customers might be like you and would want to contact you with your information on your app.

The other benefit here is that all the information regarding your company would be available at their fingerprints! They want to schedule an appointment with you or you want to acknowledge them with sales & promotions of your business then you can do them directly by using the app.

You have launched a new product and you think that this product will be convenient for these sets of people rather than other everybody then customize your product launch to the target audience with the app.

Direct marketing can even be conveyed by push notifications to your users, by enabling it you can notify them of any service or product that makes sense to them.

Value Awards/Rewards

Last week I visited the coffee behemoth Starbucks, not only to have my favorite Iced White Chocolate Mocha but also to use the piled-up Stars that I had saved to avail a huge discount.

Awards and Rewards are the driving force to great business through an app, and especially when younger consumers are more hooked to getting services done through their mobile phone

Instead of the old-fashioned token collecting system, the same thing can be done through your app, result- more downloads, more customers, cool right!

To add to it, your customer loyalty will be digitized.

Stronger Recognition — reason — Stronger Brand

You want to advertise your brand on all sorts of possible platforms, don’t you? How about an app that does that for you.

Building your brand would be done by your app. A well-designed app will become one in all marketing tools- a billboard sign, an advertisement, a social media contest, a guest post, etc.

For that, you just need to get an app developed that is user friendly, has a great UI/UX, stylish, and would give a great user experience to your customers. Marketing your brand accomplished without manual energy!

Moreover, you will have stronger brand recognition in the mobile industry. If your app has excellent features and designs then the app would itself be featured in the App Store.

The more you get your users to interact the stronger your recognition will become and ultimately increase your business profits.

Increase in Customers/Audience

How many times have you referred an app to your friend or colleague and they are also using it now, isn’t it! Yes. If your app will provide products/services that are excellent, easy to use, mobile-friendly, then your business app will be good to reach the maximum audience.

An app that will do your customers’ job in just a few taps instead of standing in long queues will be the go-to-go solution. Customers would obviously be attracted by the services that are in their hand’s span. This will gain you immense popularity and an increase in customers.

Be extraordinary

If you are into a small business, make 2020 a game-changer for your business. Be extraordinary and make your brand ahead of your competitors.

We know that your competitor and your services are the same but the difference here would be made by an app. It will engage your customers to try out the new way to get your product and this will attract them to choose your service rather than the old method of buying.

And as we have already said, young customers will surely be the ones to try out your offerings. Actually out of the box.

Loyal Customers

The traditional method of business sometimes lacks customer loyalty. Take your own example, to shop grocery sometimes you go to the nearest grocery store, and sometimes you prefer to go to a grocery store that is near you to your office.

While that is not the case if you have your own business app, the trick here is engaging your customers fully with your app. Deals, Rewards, Discounts, Coins, gifts, coupons, etc will keep your users occupied and that will help you to get the maximum amount of loyal customers.

Your target should be to make your target audience, your loyal audience and that is the key to growing your business.

It’s high time to set your goals higher and invest in a marketing strategy that is not only trending but rewarding. This is the age of digitizing and your fully-fledged business app will make you stand ahead of the competition and what’s better than doing it in 2020 when even schooling is carried out by online medium!

To Sum it up

You are well convinced about getting a business app developed, right? Ok so take your first step and lookout for a firm that helps to build a digital product, I personally feel app development Belgium based companies hold extensive experience in building a business mobile application, and this is my working experience with them or any app development organization you find authentic & proficient in the business app.

If you are looking forward to expanding your business and reaching new possible heights, then apps will be a catalyst for your success for sure. It’s just that you will have to make your business one that can even be operated by an app. Well, more importantly, you should be the one to strategize mobile marketing better than your competitors.

Article Source: 7 Reasons to Develop an App for your Business

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