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Top tools to make powerful resume

Resume/CV is an crucial part for applying in job/internship/trainee opportunities and hence one cannot just take it simply for granted.

I have been searching for 5 days about various tools to create a powerful resume and then I stumble upon these few softwares.

  • Adobe Indesign

    If you ask me personally, then adobe Indesign is the best when it comes to resume creation but i simply don't know how to use it and it is not free.😭

  • Adobe Illustrator

    After Indesign, this is the second best software for resume creation. It provides you with great functions and features to make resumes more readable by ATS. But again, I don't know how to use this and it is not free.😢

  • Microsoft Word

    Preferable by majority of people since many are familiar with the interface and features it provides. MS word is simply great for creating decent resumes in less time.🤩

  • Google docs

    Here comes another useful tool. The only advantage this provides over MS word is that you can make changes in your resume anytime, anywhere and on any device. Rest all the functionalities and features are similar to MS word.🤩

  • Overleaf

    • Overleaf is an online LaTex editor. Overleaf provides great templates for resume. You can just have one and make changes in it.
    • LaTex is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting and it is the most preferable. If you have a programming background then LaTex will be easy to use. And if you don't, then try out online resume editors(Creddle,novoresume,canva).

You have other useful resources? Then write it out in comments🤗✨.

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