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Discussion on: Let's turn an Openwhyd playlist into a static Jekyll site

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Sam Smith • Edited

Hi Adrien

I just came across this, and was interested in the idea. As I have problems running Jekyll I started making an 11ty version. I thought you might a) be interested, and b) know why I might be getting JSON syntax errors in the console ;)


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Adrien Joly Author

That’s very cool, Sam! Good work, and thank you for sharing it here!

I don’t know 11ty, is it a yaml-based static website generator like Jekyll?

I only have access to my mobile phone right now so it’s hard for me to see Json errors from your demo... can you send me a copy by email (contact at or by creating an issue on, please? I’ll do my best to help! 💪

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Sam Smith

11ty is a static site generator, similar to Jekyll ("created to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll"). It is less prescriptive about the languages you use for templates and content, those can be configured.

I've just sent you an email.