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Discussion on: Adventures in SQL Source Control with SSDT

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Hi, I like this article very much, because it gave me lots of practical info I could not find elsewhere.
I would like to now more about the setup of the “DROP IF EXISTS” topic. Because I could not info about this.
Greetings Marc

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Jonathan Eccker Author

SSDT includes the ability to do a pre-deployment script, and the original thought was that whenever dropping a table we would add a line into this script "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS _____".

Since then we've adjusted a bit, instead of deleting tables or columns outright we move them into a "deprecated" schema for a while (or append "_deprecated" to the column name), then once a quarter we do a higher risk deploy where we delete all of the deprecated objects, and do a deploy with the data loss prevention mechanisms turned off and "Drop objects in target but not in source" enabled.