How To Learn Data Structures And Algorithms (An Ultimate Guide For Beginners)

Nick Mose on December 25, 2019

Original Post: https://www.coderscat.com/how-to-learn-data-structures-and-algorithms Mindset As my previous article elaborated, data st... [Read Full]
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Great article! Just what I was looking for recently.

I recently bought the Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass by Colt Steele on Udemy. I have been going slowly through and it seems really good for now. Have you or anyone done it, and would you recommend it?


I didn't learn on Udemy, it will be OK if you feel good.
But practice with coding is necessary for any kind of learning about programming.


Amazing article, I finally got clarity!! thank you


This article is a gem. Thanks you!
+1 for including resource for other programming languages than JS.


Thanks for sharing visualgo.net, this is one of the best learning sites I ever have seen.


Glad to hear it's helpful to your learning.


Thanks a lot for sharing. DS and Algorithms has been like a road block for me in my programming career. This article has given me a lot of clarity and confidence approaching it again.


Inspirational findings and path , I will start the process again after 2years of my job experience. I had left practicing the actual stuff ,but I think it will help me to get through.

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