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Interview Prep: System Design

Sofia Jonsson on October 27, 2019

One topic I've been thinking about for the last little bit is System Design. Throughout my informational interviews, I've gotten little tidbits o... [Read Full]
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Awesome article, Sofia! I started learning more about System Design, especially Distributed Systems. At my current job, I am not really required to know System Design, but it's major kudos points to know and contribute to products in such an important way. I think it's really important for every Software Engineer/Developer to learn it!

I found this article to be a really good resource when I started learning!

Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems by Kate Matsudaira


That's such a helpful and thorough article, thank you for linking it!


@sofia, I thought you would describe software development life cycle (SDLC) as shown in first image. But when I read this article I found it very interesting, thanks and you rocked in this post.

Suggestion : edit image of you think it should not be SDLC


Woow; indeed. Thank you so much for ur dedication and contributions.


Very cool. Do you have a higher res version of the full object model? It's really nice to see these all mocked out.


Thanks Abe! Unfortunately, I don't.. If you really wanted to dive deeper into it you could download the project file from the link: Otherwise if you look into it, this tutorial goes all the way into the nitty-gritty and shows you everything in pieces!


This was a nice read. Do you have any recommendation on software to help create these diagrams other than Visual Paradigm? (seems like it might be a bit bloated for me)


Absolutely! There are so many free resources out there. I've used and in the past and find that they're pretty smooth.


System design is not the same as a design system FYI.i day this because I believe your cover image is misleading


Valid point.. Thanks for pointing it out, I replaced it with something more fitting!

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