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#14: Protective Leadership & Finding Your Leadership Style - Suzan Bond

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We talked about two articles from Suzan Bond "When leaders protect the team" and "Your fantasy leadership self". Follow Suzan on Twitter @suzanbond. I really enjoyed our talk with Suzan, I hope you do too.

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More info about Suzan Bond:

Suzan Bond is a certified leadership coach and former COO. She has over 15 years of hands-on experience. She hosts the LeadDev Bookmarked book club and writes for the Work-Life section of Fast Company. She has been studying leadership, psychology, and organizational behavior for many years. Lately, she developed a framework called Leadership Archetypes in which she identified six leadership styles to describe the behaviors and patterns of how leaders get work done, what drives them, how they add value, and how they work with others. Go to her website and check the details. She has a workshop that you can get benefit from.

Besides her framework, workshop, and articles on her website, she is writing Observations and Annotations on Substack where she explores leadership, psychology, and organizational dynamics through real-life stories. I love her writing and stories. In this episode, we talked about her two articles from Observation and Annotations. The first article is called “When leaders protect the team” where she focuses on protective leadership-the reasons and results of being a protective leader. The second article is called “Your fantasy leadership self” where she wrote about the importance of being and finding yourself as a leader.

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