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Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been having the same problem and had a similar approach to get better.
I moved to Tokyo almost a year ago, also had no friends here. Spent all my time just working, daytime job and side projects. This resulted in 24/7 depression, add to that the fact that my dad died a month after I moved to Tokyo, and a fiance back home (I think everyone knows how stressful long distance relationships are 😔). Gained a lot of weight and I'm already a big guy!
In July things started changing for the better as I went to Canada on a business trip for 2 weeks, met some old friends and relatives and when I got back I just wanted to change. Started by disconnecting, deleting FB, FB Messenger and Instagram from the phone, turned off Whatsapp notifications as well. I started reading books on my daily commute and at night, which got me better. In addition, stopped consuming synthetic sugar, fried food and carbs almost completely since early Spetember and started going to the gym daily as well, lost almost 39 pounds already and planning to continue.
One thing I wasn't able to stop tho, smoking shisha almost 5 days a week, I don't drink at all but this is another kind of almost equally bad problem 😅. Hoping to stop when I get married this January, so wish me luck 🙌🏻.

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