Reading Tech Blogs (How-to)

solaomi profile image Bisola Omisore ・2 min read

There are a lot of fantastic tech blogs out there, but you can't possibly read
them all. So how do you decide whom to read and how often? I've generally found myself reading teach blog for two reasons:

  1. I needed help with a problem or an explanation to a solution I didn't understand.
  2. I became interested in the person and their writing technical or otherwise.


For the first reason the whom is simple enough, you just google your problem and use whatever works for you. The how often in this situation depends on you, maybe you only ever run in to this problem once or so often that when you start googling the link to the blog or stack overflow post pops up immediately (*cough cough* how to center a div).

Interesting People

The questions around the second reason are a bit more involved, and I tend to break down what I do by the popularity of the person.

For the most popular (think Paul Graham, DHH, Peter Norvig, etc.), I actually don't read/keep up with any of their blogs or articles directly.They usually have such a strong influence on the tech conversation that almost all their writings gets filtered down by other people quoting or citing them in their own writings. I usually just read their stuff as it naturally pops up in the aforementioned way.

For the more medium popular people who seem to blog consistently I usually do two things. First, I subscribe to their newsletter and read anything of interest they send out in their emails. I also keep a tabs folder of blogs so I can go back and read their old posts. I'm currently reading Ire Aderinokun, Dave Ceddia,and Dan Abramov, but I usually change it up depending on how long I've been reading/or my current learning focus.

For the least popular I tend to just read them as they come, whether I find the posts on twitter, reddit, forums, etc. I tend not to keep track of these blogs due to low amount of content (usually).


That pretty much sums up my method for filtering all the information from tech blogs. How do you guys get your fix of tech info from blogs?


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