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Discussion on: 🦀 Rust Reviewed: Is the hype justified? 🦀

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Basti Ortiz (Some Dood) Author

Well, technically, you can still write a parser and an interpreter in C#. It's just that the language may not be the most ideal option.

And, also, Rust isn't exactly bulletproof from all security vulnerabilities. The onus is still on us, the developers, to make sure that nasty bugs (like buffer overflow vulnerabilities) are avoided. But sure enough, Rust does help in avoiding many memory issues and pitfalls.

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Louis Cloete

You can write it in C#, sure, but not with the performance and memory footprint required. Browsers are already notorious for their appetite for RAM. That's why it is traditionally done in C++. And it is orders of magnitude easier to avoid memory bugs causing security vulnerabilities in Rust compared to C++.