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Discussion on: How to deploy React Application on IIS Server

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sonalk215 • Edited

Hi Sumit,

I forgot to add the URLRewrite module on iis, its working fine now, thanks a lot for prompt response
But now I am facing below problem ....

My front-end application(React) and back-end code(DotNet Core), I have kept in the same folder..

If i use 2 differetnt pools --one for Front-end application and another for backend application, then, when the application runs..all the apis fail with 403.18 forbidden error

If i use same pools for both, then the application runs....the apis give status as 200, but the response is in text/html form .....

I am tried various links--like trying DefaultAppPool, but still the issue remains ....

One more thing , if i place my front-end in one folder and call api from another folder, then there is no error ..the application runs fine ..and apis are also working properly

I am very confused....I dont knwo wht is the problem...iis or React
I have uploaded 2 images, with this question, hope you are getting the images too
Please tell me if i should send you any other info, which i am missing

Pleas help

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Sumit Kharche Author

I am not able to see the images so can you please share the URL for the images. You can DM me as well.

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Hi Sumit,

Thanks for the reply.
I was able to solve the issue. I was giving Capital letters for the api, that's why the problem.