Cover image for New version for Tooltip-Sequence 1.0.3 🔥

New version for Tooltip-Sequence 1.0.3 🔥

soorajsnblaze333 profile image Sooraj Updated on ・1 min read

Finally I have released a new version for the tooltip-sequence package I was working on.

The new release has reduced size and has the following features

  • Changing the backdrop color.
  • Placement options for the tooltip.
  • Event after complete of the sequence.
  • Quit on outside tooltip click.
  • Arrow heads to point to the active element and avoid confusion.

The package is really easy to use and is available in both npm and cdns. Check here for the installation details.

You can also find the demo site shown in the gif above and try it for yourself here.

If you really like this package or find it useful. Please leave a star on the repo and share it among the people whom you know are in need of this in their web app.


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Nans Dumortier

Congrats for the job done ! 🚀

soorajsnblaze333 profile image
Sooraj Author

Thank you so much :)