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Goal settings

I realized that there are just too many things/studies I want to do and I have to do. That only triggers my anxiety and pressuring me to do a lot of useless multi-tasking - tapping this and that and this and that...

So it's time for me to re-think about my goals, priorities, and practical plans.

Long-term goal
I want to work as a 'creative technologist' abroad. For example, this would be one of my dream jobs.
Creative Technologist at Apple

Few of my friends are currently living and working in London, and this makes me want to go to UK even more.

The qualification list is quite... jaw-dropping... but okay.

- 7+ years of experience working in creative/R&D/agency environments.
- A portfolio demonstrating experience with design/development fields (AR/VR, native iOS/MacOS applications, installations, motion graphics, 3D, creative coding).
- Ability to craft and communicate thoughtful user experiences.
- Experience with Unity/Unreal and AR/VR development.
- Experience with native iOS/MacOS development skills (Obj-C, Swift, C++, etc).
- Experience with Computer Graphics (Metal/OpenGL/WebGL).
- Experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
- Motion graphics and 3D software (After Effects, Maya, Blender) skills a plus.
- Strong commitment to explore and learn new technologies, and unafraid to be out of your comfort zone.
- You are able to collaborate, multitask, and work within designated timeframes. You thrive in a creative and dynamic work environment.
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So that's at least unity/unreal, ios, swift, webgl, 2d and 3d creative coding, blender, adobe programs ... cool.

Short-term priorities

  • Study more algorithms both for coding interview and for my own better understanding.
  • Threejs toy projects
  • WebGL & WebVR toy projects
  • Daily creative coding sketches (hopefully to prepare NFT projects)

Practical plans
I'm trying to set better routines. Just small tasks everyday or at least every other days.

Also, I am coming up with a small topic for toy projects and intentionally avoiding a grandiose and ambitious one.

I will update the progress if it settles down!

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