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I wrote a Jekyll theme that helps you to write down diary.

When I first tried to write this theme two years ago, I just started my learning on JS and CSS. So it could be more emotional to call it my first baby. To do my best to design a simple and beautiful one, I had read The Non-Designer’s Design Book before I started to draft by PS in my clumsy hands. Thank goodness, the result is not bad. I still love the colorless page even now.

That’s not the whole story. Another reason why I put the diary element here, is the desire to develop a habit of keeping a diary. Through all of my Soyaine Daily (My diaries name) life, it just has a little reader. When I began to write, I only sent one friend the URL. Although it always surprises me when she mentioned something in my diaries during chatting. I told myself, I just write to myself, for myself, other than anyone else.

After around 100 posts, I closed my site. Then I started to write in my local folder with no style.

The diary helped me to start writing down, and the journal lasts a long time beyond my expectation. It’s my beginning to jag my life fragments down, in the bytes. I’m not good at memorizing. I always forgot lots of details after the time passed. The words take a lot of pictures of my life. It’s a romantic way to listen to myself as an older me by words.

So I rewrite the theme, I’ll be happy if it can help you also.

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