Discussion on: Explain Docker to Me and When Would I Use it?

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Shayne Boyer

I recently posted this on the topic - Why we should care about containers for development.

Here is a summary:

Containers provide a packaging and deployment mechanism for our application and its dependencies. The container registry is a powerful concept that helps with the deployment and distribution of our application.

Containers also improve the "inner loop" of our development experience when working locally, particularly as we trend towards building microservices over monolithic applications. They provide greater parity across local and remote environments including the cloud and help our infrastructure to become more immutable.

The vibrant ecosystem of tooling around containers also help us consume cloud-native platforms and development methodologies. Whether we are using serverless containers, a PaaS platform that supports containers, or an orchestrator like Kubernetes, we focus on our application instead of thinking about and managing the individual host or hosts we deploy it to.