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How to Change Author URL Slug in WordPress Without Any Plugin

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WordPress default Author URL slug same as Author username. Thus, anyone can know the username of the Author. For security reasons, you want to hide your real username from Author URL slug. In this article, we are discussing How to change Author Slug is the last part of the Author URL without any plugin.

Change Author URL Slug in WordPress
For example, Our Author URL of this site is

And our Author slug is “sseditorial”. We have to change Author slug “speedysense” to make our new Author URL of this site is

WordPress already have a username and nicename fields. username is used to validate login. However, nicename is used to create Author Permalink and Post Permalink. When creating a new user, WordPress automatically generates the nicename (same as given username). Once the user created, you can not change username later in the admin area. Thus, we display nicename in the User profile screen.

Let’s see how to change nicename to anything unique that you would like without using any plugin. Here you can read full artilce as well shotcode.

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