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Discussion on: How to redirect in SvelteKit endpoints

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Scott Spence • Edited

So I'm currently looking to move from my old blog, which has a filing structure like:

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In my blog currently that will be

I'm looking to move to SvelteKit and use MDSveX and with Vite and the routing doesn't allow that (which I have found, and I've looked, like, a lot) so I'm looking to simplify the routes to something like:

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How would I structure the redirects so that I'm not creating a path for each of the existing routes (130 odd)?

Do you have an example or some source code I could check out?


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Dana Woodman Author

You've added MDSvex with this adder?

And you can't create a file like this src/routes/posts/2021/06/some-post-title/index.svx and then navigate to /posts/2021/06/some-post-title?