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re: For anyone else interested I had a look to see if I could update my version of Ubuntu from 18.04 and it seems there's no release available yet.

Ok, let's see where this goes, currently 14:15 here in the UK and I've kicked this off after setting the Prompt=normal in release-upgrades.

do upgrade confirmation

I have a 2 core i5 @ 2.7 GHz, once complete I'll check with lsb_release -a

14:30 so it looks like this failed, I got this prompt:


Not sure what it's for but retrying didn't work so I aborted out and got this mesasage:


Not going anywhere now 😬

So after a lot of Ctrl+c's I got an option to resurrect the window, it's now moving again.

So, it looks like it was a botched upgrade, I'm presuming because I didn't use sudo 🤦‍♀️

part update image

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