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Discussion on: Replacing master in git

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Lars Rye Jeppesen

Uhmmm no.

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Maximilian Burszley

Yes, this issue IS just about Americans. You're being ignorant by thinking this is about generic slavery; look up "chattel slavery" and realize how much worse it was than any other form before it. The GitHub contract is not a separate issue. It is racism against South Americans who have been demonized by the president™ as "invaders" and other such language

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Toomas Jaska • Edited on

"Yes, this issue IS just about Americans."

Excuse me if I do come off as a little pushy, I merely want to offer a counterpoint to arguments I think I see flaws in. This one looks like the book definition of American exceptionalism - that issues there are inherently unique and of higher importance, and that global consciousness should prioritize fixing those. Not only is this untrue, you are marginalizing the histories and current issues of other nations. American race relations do not carry over to other countries. If git aims to be a global technology, then it makes no sense to implement changes based on the offense taken by a segment of population living in a culture space that is roughly 0.5% of github's userbase, country-wise.

"realize how much worse it was than any other form before it."

This is a very futile line of argumentation - oppression olympics, ie who had it worse. Do victims of deportation living in concentration camps score higher or lower in the slavery category? Why would it even matter?

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