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Squadcast's Year in Review, 2020

Thank you for inspiring us this year! As is becoming a tradition, we've put together a collection of product updates, case studies & content, that tell the story of Squadcast in 2020.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. As the world saw lockdowns and organisations pivoted to working from home, the need to provide uninterrupted services (be it for online shopping, streaming movies, or banking) increased exponentially. At Squadcast, we are proud to have played our role in helping our customers get better insights into their systems so they can become even more reliable.

This year we helped OTT providers, financial institutions, and e-commerce among many other organisations, make reliability a core and fundamental process. We have also been recognized by G2 as Momentum Leader & High performer in the IT Incident Management & IT alerting space.

As is becoming a tradition, we've put together a collection of product updates, case studies, and content, that tell the story of the past year at Squadcast.

Squadcast's Year in Review

For us, the key product highlights of the year have been:

1.Reducing Alert Noise

(a) Improved Alert Suppression Rules‍

As part of our continuous improvement process, we rolled out completely new and improved Suppression Rules. This latest version provides more flexibility and fine control over the nature of alerts being suppressed, thus preventing alert fatigue by curbing unnecessary or non-actionable alerts.

(b) Service Dependency Based Deduplication

(c) Incident Status Based Deduplication

2. Squadcast API V3

We released the latest version of Squadcast Public API which helps you access Squadcast features within your account. It allows you to configure users, services, group incidents, and more to help further reduce noise and speed up response times.

3. Improvement: Escalation Policies

4. View Who is On-call

5. Schedule Overrides

6. New REST APIs - Incidents & Squads

We've published a few more REST APIs to help access some basic Incident and Squads functionalities within your Squadcast Account.

Play around with our pre-made Squadcast APIs using our Postman collection.

7. Incident List Table View

We released a beta version of our Incident List Table View which provides you with a single-pane view of all incidents along with their relevant information.

8. Service Specific Slack Channels

9. Export Incidents

10. Import users

For a more comprehensive list of features and alert source integrations we shipped, check out our Updates Page! To see what else we have planned for our next year, check out our public Product Roadmap. We’re always happy to hear new ideas and feature requests from the community - you can write to us.

Squadcast Impact

Learn through our customer stories on how we changed the lives of companies for the better. Numerous organisations effortlessly integrated and benefited from our streamlined incident management platform. Squadcast helped increase productivity & improve MTTR for teams in various industries and scale.


Our commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed. We have been acknowledged by G2 as Momentum Leader in the Incident Management and IT alerting space. G2 uses verified customer reviews, social and web data to determine winners in each quadrant. This is in addition to awards in the following fields:

It would be remiss not to mention that this year was one of hardship for many small business owners facing an economic downturn and for everyone else affected by the pandemic. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us and inspiring us. We feel more fortunate than ever and are excited about what's ahead in 2021!

2020 gave us tremendous product growth and many new teams depending on Squadcast for Reliability.
Also, our team grew by 2x :)

Want to be part of our awesome team? We are hiring.

We couldn’t have made it this far without our incredible team and our super helpful community.

Happy holidays and a beautiful new year from all of us here at Squadcast! :)

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