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Srijan Singh
Srijan Singh

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My first contribution to open source!

Hello! I'm a student developer and I'm pursuing computer science engineering.

Contributed my project

I've learned mostly from open source communities like freecodecamp and Khan Academy. I also wanted to be part of open source and to do something from my side! I came to know about Hacktoberfest this year and took this opportunity to contribute my project.


I'm brand new to open source and this would be my first contribution. I've earned 5 stars in C++ and 4 stars in Python and Java from Hackerrank. I've also developed some small projects on native app in Flutter and my most recent project was on Draft Automation.


I've created a basic API which can detect and predict faces. In technologies I've used Python, facerecognition library, OpenCV, FastAPI and Uvicorn.


I've contributed this project apart from it I've also contributed in various data structures and algorithms libraries. But unfortunately most of them has been excluded from Hacktoberfest 2021.


I've came to know that #hacktoberfest provides opportunity for everyone from beginner to expert and it give you a chance to connect people like you. Currently I've 6 contributions and I would love to participate next year too!

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