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Discussion on: Reflecting on a year with Node.js and why I should have stuck with Laravel

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neoan • Edited on

I appreciate this post! Looking back at the past 5 years, my life has also been parted between PHP and node, depending on the team. And even though I prefer Vue instead of jQuery and neoan3 instead of Laravel, the gist of what you are saying remains true: the node environment simply hasn't been able to provide the same experience and becomes messy way too easily. As many others, I am waiting for deno to pick up some of the mess, but especially considering the hate PHP gets, one can't help but wonder why node is so popular.

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Tyler Smith Author

Thank you for reading! I'm quite a Vue fan myself. I'm also a fan of Node, I just wish that it didn't get hairy so quickly. Here's to hoping that one day it will be better. Until then, PHP still rules 80% of sites on the Internet so I'm comfortable where I'm at 😁