Finding Packets

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Where is my request?

When a URL is typed in the browser it checks whether DNS mapping of IP address is there or not in cache. If it is there then it requests the server for the documents else OS does a recursive query to the DNS resolver and converts the domain name into IP. You can check your chrome DNS cache by going to this link. Here is a screenshot of mine.

alt text

After resolving IP by either of the ways our browser behaves like a client and request a server on that IP to serve documents. We can use telnet also for requesting a server. Yes, that's exactly what I did.

Finding packets

I requested our college server i.e https://www.kgec.edu.in and got the following result.

alt text

So my request is going through this route which is nearly 1410 miles. This gives me an idea of how fast we are getting information about our world through this amazing man made the invention, "the internet".

For going through the code I wrote for this go to this link.

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