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App Idea for Hasura Internship

Some lines of code are reusable everywhere and we generally retype it according to use. What if these codes can be stored in an ordered way so that it's easy to find and use. This was a problem I faced like thousands of time. So I started storing them on my hard disk. But what if I want to share these codes to my community or to my friend's group in college. There should be a common platform to share and store these code snippets.

This leads me to my app idea of making a web app where the user can store privately their snippets or can share them publically.

This is the story of SnipCode.

In my next blog, I will be describing the prototype of my web app.

Here is the index of all the post regarding this series of snipcode developemnt

Part I: App Idea
Part II: App prototype
Part III: Local Development
Part IV: G for Git
Part V: Data Modeling
Part VI: Data & Auth APIs
Part VII: Basic Functionalities
Part VIII: App Screen 1
Part IX: App Screen 2
Part X: App Screen 3
Part XI: User Reviews
Part X: Final Submission

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