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Final App Submission

This is the last post about this journey of building my web app Snipcode. You can see the source code here.

Here is a quick demo of my web app

In this journey the things I learned are

  • Node.js and how beautiful it is
  • Postgresql (Elephants are best friend of developers)
  • Codemirror (Web based IDE)
  • Some neat practices of writing effective code

I hope after this I still be learning stuff by doing something. Coz it's fun when you create something.

Here is the index of all the post regarding this series of snipcode developemnt

Part I: App Idea
Part II: App prototype
Part III: Local Development
Part IV: G for Git
Part V: Data Modeling
Part VI: Data & Auth APIs
Part VII: Basic Functionalities
Part VIII: App Screen 1
Part IX: App Screen 2
Part X: App Screen 3
Part XI: User Reviews
Part X: Final Submission

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