I would just note that being a fullstack engineer is not about the languages you're writing in, but rather the domain in which the code runs. Eg you can be a fullstack engineer that writes only JavaScript - learning other languages certainly opens more doors, but is not a requirement to be considered "full stack". I use JS (though not exclusively) for all types of code - frontend, backend, dev/cli scripts, database ops (via mongodb shell), largely because of its approachability for newcomers to the team as well as code reuse and minimal pain of context switching. Nowadays, many people are even using JavaScript to write cross-platform mobile apps!

If I had to jump between Type/JavaScript, Python, Scala, and bash all in the same day, I'd probably lose it. Still, I know a fair number of people who work that way every day, so +1 if you enjoy that. To me, being a fullstack engineer is more about where the code lives & how far it reaches across the system - the language(s) you use are just a choice you get to make based on what makes the most sense for you (and your team, if working on more than a side project).

Good luck, and happy hacking!

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