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Discussion on: Knowledge Sharing Leads to Developer Team Productivity

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Scott Simontis

The primary purpose of code reviews, in my opinion, is to transfer knowledge. A developer gets a chance to walk someone else through their world. It's more efficient than trying to predict what team members will find relevant and it encourages a sense of shared ownership that further motivates team members to stick with the discipline, open-mindedness, and gentle spirit of inquisition.

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Claudio Pinkus Author

Hi Scott. I believe you are right. Code reviews are an opportunity to transfer knowledge (even though the primary purpose is IMO to improve the quality of the deliverable). My view is that we should find ways to share that knowledge widely, among all the developers who might benefit from it within the team and the organization. Transferring knowledge to one developer is useful; sharing in with the team actually moves the needle in terms of team productivity.