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Rust/Diesel: Fixing issues with setup

ssivakumar profile image Sivakumar Updated on ・2 min read

Hello There!. This is my first ever blog post.

Very recently, I have started exploring Rust language and I already have so much fun learning this language.

I was trying to do some basic database CRUD implementations in Rust and as you know, most famous framework for the same is Diesel .

Since I faced lots of issues while setting up Diesel on my local machine, I thought of putting it as blog post so that, it can be of useful to someone who will face similar issues of mine.

For your information, I am using Windows 10 operating system (64-bit) and Rust v1.45.0.

In case if you have not installed Rust with Visual C++ build tools , when you're trying to install Diesel framework, you may get some errors related to Linker.exe. It is better to install latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ build tools first and then re-install Rust on your computer.

Installing Diesel framework is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Install Diesel using CARGO

cargo install diesel
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As of writing of this post, Diesel supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite. The above command expects all the client tools pre-exists on your computer.

If you have one of the client tools, you can use following command

cargo install diesel --no-default-features --features mysql postgres sqlite
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In my case, i am having Postgres so, i tried with

cargo install diesel --no-default-features --features postgres
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Initially, when i try the above command, I was getting following error

error: diesel = note: link : fatal error lnk1181: cannot open input file 'libpq.lib'
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After spending few minutes on google, I figured out, i need to setup environment variable named PQ_LIB_DIR mapped to lib directory of Postgres installation folder.

In my computer, I have Postgres installed on C:\Program Files\Postgres\12\. So, I setup PQ_LIB_DIR as C:\Program Files\Postgres\12\lib.

Due to spaces in the folder name, cargo install diesel threw me error message. So, I had to correct it like c:/Program Files/Postgres/12/lib to solve the first level of issue.

Step 2: Setting up Diesel

To setup Diesel, we need run following command

diesel setup
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It throws me following error:

The code execution cannot proceed because libpq.dll was not found.
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Even though, I had added PQ_LIB_DIR environment variable, I got the above error. After a little search, I found out that, diesel is not able to find the libpq.dll from folders listed under PATH variable. After added PQ_LIB_DIR to PATH variable, that error was gone.

Then, I was getting another error:

The code execution cannot proceed because libssl-1_1-x64.dll was not found.
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This dll file is shipped alongwith postgres and it can be found under BIN folder. After I have added Postgres' BIN folder to PATH variable, diesel setup was completed successfully.

Hope you find the above post useful. Please share your feedback in case if i miss any other points.

Happy reading!!!

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