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Can’t-miss Serverless Sessions for re:Invent 2019

re:Invent is less than a month away but there have already been some great guides for the event, and many of them focus on serverless. With AWS Lambda as one of the top technology keywords for this year’s event, there are many sessions to sift through -- Here are some of my favorites.

The Power of Serverless for Transforming Careers and Communities

It’s an in-demand talk they have given in different formats across the world (Australia, New York, and beyond) so catch it while you can!

Two women from non-traditional backgrounds are using serverless to help a community while aligning their personal goals with their business and career goals. In this session, learn how serverless has transformed their careers, and why they’re developing a language translation application to enable new serverless practitioners from around the world more easily access resources and training that will further their education. The session will include a build walk-through for the application on Stackery, as well as inspirational stories about the power of serverless for building a business and making an impact.

Build observability into a serverless application SVS215-R

Chris Munns and Yan Cui on one stage? Can't miss this

Observability is a common challenge for developers. In this session, we share some approaches for addressing this challenge and discuss the trade-offs and limitations with both AWS and third-party tools.

Building microservices with AWS Lambda SVS343-R

Serverless is a lot more than functions and Chris will show you how to use functions as part of a complete microservice

The "functions as a service" model behind AWS Lambda presents a number of unique differences while still providing many benefits that make it a strong fit for microservices-based architectures.

Leadership session: Containers and Serverless CON213-L

Containers? Okay stick with me here: Deepak Singh is someone you should take every chance to hear from

Amazon offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of container services in the industry. In this session, learn more about the latest container services from AWS.

Scalable serverless architectures using event-driven design API304

Serverless functions are triggered by events, so even if you're not using SQS this could be a helpful session

Event-driven integration patterns emerged to enable integration between serverless applications at scale. Join this session to learn best practices for integrating serverless applications using Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) triggers.

API308 - Monolith to serverless SaaS: Migrating to multi-tenant architecture

After creating microservices, this is the second most popular use for serverless: chipping at the monolith

Many organizations begin their journey to SaaS with a single-tenant monolithic architecture. In this session, we dig into the details of this transformation, exploring approaches to incrementally decompose your monolith into serverless microservices.

Serverless architectural patterns and best practices ARC307-R

Serverless means a lot of stuff isn't your concern any more, but architecture definitely is

In this session, we describe reusable serverless patterns while considering costs.

Deploy and monitor a serverless application ARC316-R

See how to deploy and monitor a serverless application using just the AWS console before you come see how Stackery can help.

In this workshop, you build on a bookstore application and add detailed monitoring and tracing across the stack. You’ll flow data from Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda (via AWS X-Ray) to Amazon ES, build visualizations, identify performance problems, and implement performance improvements to the application.

Serverless SaaS Deep Dive: Building Serverless SaaS on AWS ARC410-R

A recurring theme that serverless isn't about hyperfocus on function but rather a collection of resources to make a working service

In this session, we dive into all the moving parts of a serverless SaaS application, exploring the detailed code, design, and architecture strategies that are commonly applied to support the complex scale and agility requirements of multi-tenant serverless SaaS environments.

Build serverless applications with Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda DAT335-R

If you like this talk, be sure to visit the Stackery booth afterward to see how you can accomplish the same tasks in half the time.

Join us for this interactive, advanced-design, and best-practices workshop that demonstrates the breadth of AWS serverless offerings and how the components work together. We look at the evolution of an ecommerce company that starts with a low-effort serverless product catalog.

Accelerate business innovation with serverless applications GPSBUS210

If you’re a consulting partner with AWS, you should absolutely go to this.

In this session, learn how to start innovating with serverless services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EventBridge, and AWS Step Functions. We conclude the session with customer stories of accelerating innovation and driving business value with the help of our APN partners.

Building serverless workflows using AWS Step Functions API316-R

Great if you've got the basics of AWS Lambdas down and want to level up

AWS Step Functions makes it easy to orchestrate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows. In this builders session, we walk through new features such as the map state, nesting, and the callback pattern. You build a workflow that uses a "first to respond" task request fanout pattern and the callback function to integrate Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) fanout messages and AWS Lambda into a Step Function. You learn how to debug your executions, and we also talk about best practices in building Step Functions workflows.


Last year, there were many exciting serverless-related talks and announcements at re:Invent, but this year, it’s easy to see that we’ve truly reached a new level of serverless maturity.

The talks above demonstrate the foremost experts’ confidence that their tutorials and philosophies are applicable and relevant to whoever registers for their session. If you think about it, AWS wouldn’t give these speakers the real estate to talk about the current-day applicability and widespread appeal of serverless if they weren’t sure that seats would be filled. Jump on it and claim some of those limited seats for yourself. Then come see team Stackery at our booth and discover how you gain true serverless expertise and speed without needing the Dewey Decimal System to interpret AWS’ library of serverless tools. You can schedule an onsite demo with one of our serverless engineers today.

Note that these sessions WILL fill up, so when one of the talks you desperately want to see is at maximum capacity, know that our booth can be your second home! We promise our team has tons of knowledge and would be happy to talk with you about many of the concepts these fantastic speakers will tackle. Also, we’ll be hosting lots of fun activities so stay tuned for those.

Since I’m the Community Developer at a “serverless confidence software company”, I might be a bit biased, but it seems to me that the overarching theme of re:Invent 2019 is serverless is for everyone… right now! That’s a great sign for the functionality and health of this industry we’re all lucky to be a part of.

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