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re: I think I might just have to see it as altering my study time when im busy running errands as audiobook or podcast time. When i get some quit time ...

I'm glad to be helpful if I can!

Your comment made me think of something else too! I used to have similar issues with being really busy but not really accomplishing much (although without caring for a human, so probably way different!). Last year, for about four months I used a bullet journal every day. It helped me to really distill daily goals and focus my time. It completely transformed my productivity. Then, after a while I realized I didn't need it anymore. I happened to read the 12 Week Year at about that time, and now I use that method for goal setting and prioritizing how I spend my time daily and weekly. Even when I am super busy with life, I am still marching consistently towards my goals.

(Bullet journals can be a bit overwhelming... this is the article I used to start mine: Mine was not pretty or fancy, it was functional and it was great!)

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