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Stacy Cashmore
Stacy Cashmore

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Practice Makes Perfect

Last week I received my speakers gift for talking at Dot Net Frontend day.

An absolutely amazing, personalised Lego set!

Personalised Doctor Who Lego Set

I had no idea what was coming, but knew that it was going to be something special, so decided to make an unboxing video for it.

Now, making videos is something that I struggle with.

Live streams, fine, no problem. If it goes wrong laugh about it and continue. No problem - it's part of the fun.

Recording... Er, no. I can't just ignore mistakes

It has to be perfect, if only because there is a remote possibility that it can be perfect. (Note: no it can't, but I don't let logic stop me stressing!)

It is something that I've been wanting to try for a while though, and this seemed an innocent enough way to practice.

So lets unbox, and build, the speaker gift in a video.

It didn't go great. I went wrong, I mis-spoke repeatedly, I completely messed up building the K9 model.

And... I kept it. Just uploaded the video and left it at that. I didn't try to clean up any of the mistakes: I left in the fact that I got K9 very wrong before I got it right, and that I managed to miss a bit from the Dalek...

I just uploaded as is and enjoyed the experience.

It took a deep breath to do, and it's a tiny little video, but it's a start 😊

Practice makes perfect, and maybe I'll get the courage to start recording videos at some point soon!

The end result is here

The conference videos are here

Cover image by Sigmund on Unsplash

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