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Database & DBMS!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Database :

πŸ’₯The database sometimes referred to as an electronic database, is an organized collection of logically related data that is stored in an efficient manner so that it can be easily accessed managed πŸ’₯, and updated. Let's divide the whole definition into parts and understand it πŸ’₯in an easier way:

Organized Collection:

Data should be arranged in such a way that the user can easily process the data when required. Example: If we have some details about Computer specifications, then we can represent the specification in two ways:

Unorganized Data:

Lenovo35000i58, HP55000i34. The computer specifications are provided here like its brand name, price generation, and RAM but they are unorganized and it is not easy to process them. Here, you can't identify the difference between the generation of the computer i.e i5, and its RAM i.e. 8GB. So, we have to organize the data.

Organized Data:

Lenovo/35000/i5/8, HP/55000/i3/4. Here, we have made a separation between each specification so that it can be easily distinguished and processed. Here, we can see that the generation and RAM of the system are separated by "/" and this helps us in distinguishing between the two features.

Logically Related Data

Logically related data means that the data should be relevant in some context. Example: If we are going to make a database for a customer then the database may include customer name, contact number, age, past orders, address, email id, etc. All this information is in the context of the customer. But the information like the number of siblings of the customer is out of context and logically not related to the customer database, though this information is related to the customer, we shouldn't include this data in our database.


DBMS - Database Management System

The software which is used to manage the database is called Database Management System(DBMS). It provides us with an interface or a tool, to perform various operations like:

creating the database

manipulating the database

storing and retrieving the data from the database

deleting data from the database, etc

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