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Discussion on: Protractor is dead, long live Cypress! - Part 1

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"First, Cypress does not use WebDriver but runs its tests directly in the browser. These make the tests stable and reliable. Exactly what we wanted in the first place."

This is a bad argument. The selenium webdriver is now as w3c fully compliant standard. What will be with devtools in 2-3-4 years? What will be with cypress?
For me is to rely on stable solutions based on selenium, but non something that could die very quickly.
I can't find something that looks better in cypress in opposite to Protractor.
Regarding Angular decisions about Protractor - if you carefully read their RFC, you can find a latest comment from Angular member, that project will be continued. Sure, Angular team demonstrated instability in decisions, and I personally don't suggest to rely on it.
But I think that frameworks should raised together with w3c, and selenium is a best choice for this.

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Rainer Hahnekamp Author • Edited

Hi Stanislav,

Cypress gives you more reliable tests than Selenium. This has nothing to do with how long Selenium already exists and that it is a W3C standard. If the stability of Cypress and Selenium were on par, I would support your argument, but that's not the case.

The development for Protractor ends in December 2022. Although this seems like a long time, you have to be aware that Angular is heavily used for enterprise applications. So, for their dimensions, December 2022 is just "around the corner."

Best wishes,