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re: Having a work ethic that translates (among other things) to have a team spirit, to be open to new ideas, even if they are not aligned with your own...

Great definition. But what are your skills in particular, what do you do that makes you a professional?


Personally I'm a Java (let's say a back-end in general) developer, and although I'm not that experienced, I will try to mentor when I know something and have a better domain knowledge. On the other hand, I'm always eager to listen and learn from seniors. This is what characterizes me as an individual.

As a team member, I will try to facilitate the workflow (let's say in an Agile environment, during a sprint) and accommodate my colleagues in whatever we might need as a team to deliver a quality feature.

As you might have guessed, work in progress!

I could say almost the same for myself.

I'm a frontend developer with CSS and HTML skills. Being professional freelancer, I always try to deliver code of the highest quality within arranged deadlines whether I work alone or as a part of the team.

This could be my definition of a professional.

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